6. Te Pae Tawhiti – Our Intergenerational Vision

Te Pae Tawhiti is our intergenerational vision. 

Since the time of the hekenga, our people have displayed the qualities of innovation, perseverance, flexibility, and adaptability. Our tūpuna were creative, astute and forward-thinking people who gifted us our land, whakapapa and cultural identity. It is our responsibility to preserve and enhance this taonga, now and for future generations.

The world is changing all around us, but there are constants – our land, people, identity and community. To continue to thrive and develop we must look ahead and prepare for tomorrow, creating our own future and the future of our mokopuna.

Te Pae Tawhiti establishes our purpose as an organisation. It is our guiding document, which sets the standards against which we assess our performance, actions and decisions.

It is a declaration of our fundamental values, common goals and guiding objectives that will ensure our success and create a strong identity now and in the future.

Our intergeneration vision – Te Pae Tawhiti