Our new Koekoeā magazine is focused on our people and places, our legacy, and the work and activities of Wakatū.

The koekoeā is the long-tailed cuckoo, and our magazine title takes its inspiration from birds as a metaphor for communication – colloquially, ‘koekoeā’ can mean to chatter.

Koekoeā were known for their powers of long flight, their intelligence and, in some legends, the birds were used as messengers.

We love to celebrate the success of our Wakatū whānau whānui with our whānau and community and we hope you enjoy the stories shared in this first issue of Koekoeā.

We’d love to hear what you think of Koekoeā and welcome any ideas you have for future stories for the magazine. You can email us with your feedback and ideas at hono@wakatu.org