We expect our people to be successful and inspirational world-class leaders.  We will continue to grow our success as an organisation through the sustainable and successful development of our land, the creation and provision of high-quality goods and services and through nurturing people’s cultural identity, knowledge and strength. 

“Doing things better and doing better things”


Initiatives In Action

Stanford Bootcamp

In May 2015, our director Miriana Stephens and Kono director Rachel Taulelei were selected to participate in the International Stanford Leadership Programme. This prestigious and intensive training and development programme includes the Directors, Chief Executives and senior management of New Zealand’s leading companies and organisations where they are exposed to some of the world’s ‘best thinkers’.



Further capability and relationships was developed through the secondment of Miriana Stephens to Callaghan Innovation who offer various programmes in the areas of intellectual property, innovation, strategy, practices, tools and benchmarking. 

A resulting partnership is the implementation of Innovation ImProve – a tool designed to measure and improve innovation through benchmarking Wakatū’s performance against other companies both in New Zealand and off-shore. 


Emerging opportunities

The knowledge and experience gained is being integrated throughout Wakatū group. As a result, there are a number of emerging opportunities in the following areas which will be further developed in the near future:

  • Land use and sustainability
  • New crops that promote soil and consumer health
  • High value nutrition and food ingredients – adding value to existing food products
  • Production of low alcohol wine
  • Processing innovation and improved production methods
  • Creating new habitats for the native falcon
  • Waste stream utilisation