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Actively involved in the lives of whānau whānui, the wider community, and business development, Wakatū has a big agenda.

Based in Nelson, New Zealand, Wakatū has approximately 4,000 shareholders who descend from the original Māori land owners of the Nelson, Tasman and Golden Bay Regions – Te Tau Ihu.

Whenua is the foundation of our business with 70% of assets held in Iand and waterspace. We manage a diverse portfolio from vineyards, orchards to residential properties, large retail developments, office buildings, marine farms and waterspace.

Kono is our food and beverage business focused on high quality beverages, fruit bars, seafood products, pipfruit and hops. We understand that innovation and adaptability is the key to our success. We are an efficient organisation and adapt to our customer needs quickly. 

Our purpose is to preserve and enhance our taonga for the benefit of current and future generations.

We have grown from a $11 million asset base in 1977 to a current value of over $300 million.